Mt. Vernon New Years Resolutions



With the start of a new year, many enjoy making resolutions to try to keep. While resolutions can be made any time of the year, it can be a good excuse to try something new or set personal goals. Considering adapting one of the following New Year’s Resolutions that are Enjoy Mt. Vernon approved!



  1. Shop Local


Consider swapping some of your purchases from chain locations to small businesses. By shopping small, you are supporting local business owners and their family while helping tax dollars stay local.



1200 Main St.

(618) 242-2800



3006 Broadway St.

(618) 242-1579



116 S. 9th St.



  1. Dine Somewhere NEW

Did you know, Mt. Vernon has over 50 restaurants?? No need to stick to the same date night place every time! Branch out, try these local eateries, and more. Visit the Restaurants tab to get a full listing of available dining options.



222 Potomac Blvd

(618) 241-6959



4115a Broadway St

(618) 242-6047



819 Jordan St.

(618) 242-2600



  1. Explore!

Whether you’re visiting Mt. Vernon for the first time or acting as a tourist in your hometown, there is always something new to discover in Mt. Vernon!



103 N. Shiloh Drive

(618) 315-6299



12701 N Hall Ln, Woodlawn, IL 62898

(618) 204-0519



101 S. 7th St.

(618) 242- 6322


This New Year’s make the resolution to enjoy life and see more in Mt. Vernon!