Getting Creative During COVID-19



From birthday parades to online church services, individuals and communities are getting creative in the way they live their everyday life during COVID-19. Everyone has had to adapt a new normal in some way, shape, or form this past month and will likely be finding another new normal in the months to come. Facebook and YouTube have been flooded with joyful videos and stories showing how families, businesses, and organizations are recreating everyday moments and celebrations.



Quarantine Birthdays

From 5 to 90 years old, families are changing the way they celebrate their loved one’s birthdays. Without being able to gather around with family and friends or going out to celebrate, families are finding ways to still make these days special. Does someone in your household have a birthday coming up? Start planning their parade celebration! Invite family and friends to drive by your house with homemade poster signs and noisemakers to cheer on their birthday as your family sits in lawn chairs in the front yard watching them pass by. It is sure to be a birthday they will never forget!



Teachers from local school have been practicing this parade concept by driving through their school’s bus route, asking kids to step out on their porch as their teachers drive by cheering, waving, and holding up sings of encouragement.



Online Services

Without being able to physically gather in the church building, countless congregations have moved their services solely online. Streaming on Facebook, YouTube, or their website to worship has become today’s reality. Only a handful of worship leaders and preachers are meeting in the building or inside their homes to carry out a worship service to a virtual audience.



Another church in town, The Mt. Vernon Baptist Temple have been recently holding Drive-In services. Inviting cars to park in their parking lot, tune the radio to a specific station, and watch the service from inside their car. Churches across the community are stepping up in how they keep community within their church families and reach out to those looking to join.



Education in a New Way

Teachers across the nation and the world have suddenly had to completely recreate the way they teach their classrooms. Many educators are posting videos reading storybooks, playing word or math games, or connecting with their students and their parents via video chat.




Restaurants who have never offered curbside pick-up are now depending on it to stay open. Some are extending hours or going the extra mile and providing delivery for the first time. Local restaurants have been promoting new specials and family meals during this time.




How have you been getting creative during COVID-19? What unique adaptations or fun substitutions have you made? We want to see! Share them with us on our Enjoy Mt. Vernon Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page.