10 Things to Do While Sheltering in Place


As we find ourselves in this unprecedented time, sheltering in our home as much as we can during this pandemic, the days might seem long. It is so important to find little joys in each day and make the most of this time we are given. Maybe you’re working from home or keeping your children entertained as they are out of school, whatever your home situation looks like right now, we want to give you some fun ideas to implement at home!

1. Order Delivery



Even though dining out at restaurants is not permitted right now, many are still open for drive thru, delivery, or carry out. You can find a full list of Mt. Vernon restaurants and the services they are currently offering on our Enjoy Mt. Vernon Facebook page. Pizza places aren’t the only ones that deliver either! Several restaurants are delivering right now or delivery is available through Door Dash. Those restaurants are also listed on our Facebook page! Order curbside, or stay at home and have it delivered to you. Know that you’re not only supporting local business, but the community as you are funding someone’s salary!


 2. Bake




With extra time in the kitchen, now is the perfect time to bake that amazing creation you saw on the Great British Baking show! Get the kids involved and give everyone a job while baking. Or use it as some therapeutic relaxation. Get out your grandma’s recipe book and recreate a traditional family dish. Carrot cake, funfetti cupcakes, monster cookies, fudge brownies, the possibilities are endless…


3. Play a game.



You know that monopoly board sitting in the closet? Now’s the time to take it out and put it in action. Maybe Yahtzee, Scrabble, or Uno is more of your style. Whatever the game, sit down with your spouse, family, or even for a game of solitaire with your cat. Board games bring out lots of laughter, love, and a little healthy family competition. Don’t have any games? Download the Heads Up app on your phone. It’s free and I promise you’ll have fun. Pick a category like superstars, pop culture, animals and more. Then, have your family describe the words on your phone as you try to guess what it is. Hurry before the timer goes off!


 4. Go for a walk.



Feeling cooped up in the house? Get outside! Fresh air is great for the mind, body, and soul. You can still practice social distancing while being outside. Stay away from groups of people on the sidewalks or in parks. The weather has been beautiful! Turn on your favorite music or podcast and enjoy time outdoors. Some businesses and homes are spreading cheer by placing stuffed bears and paper hearts in their windows. Go for a driving or walking scavenger hunt and see what you can find!


 5. Pick Up a Hobby.



Always wanted to learn how to crochet, play guitar, draw, or craft? You were always too busy to learn but now you have the time. Browse YouTube videos and Pinterest to teach yourself a new skill. You might just find a new passion or profitable hobby!


 6. Record a Family Video.



If you’re on Facebook, you’ve seen how livestreams and funny videos have abounded during this time. Make up a creative parody to your favorite song, practice it with your family, and get it on video! Ask your kids to teach you Tik Tok videos. There’s so many options to choose from. Who knows? You might just go viral!


 7. Pick up a Book.



That unfinished book in your nightstand you’ve been meaning to read but just haven’t have the motivation or right circumstance. You know the one! Set aside even just 30 minutes a day to read something on paper. A newspaper, magazine, self-help book, or your favorite novel. This is a great chance for some peace and quiet, especially paired with a cup of coffee!


 8. Facetime or Zoom.



The app Zoom is currently offering free 40 minute video sessions online. Many are already using zoom right now to keep up with schooling or work. Start a zoom meeting with your group of friends too! Facetime also has a group option where multiple phones can join at the same time. Perfect for connecting with mom, dad, nieces, nephews, cousins, and grandparents. Shelter in place doesn’t mean losing out on connecting with your loved ones!


9. Clean



Maybe not everyone’s favorite activity. But even planning just one chore a day can make you feel productive. And if you have a spouse or kids, they can join in to help! Go through your closet, get rid of clothes to donate in the future. Reorganize your living room. Paint your kitchen. Let Spring Cleaning begin!


10. REST


This is a challenging period for everyone. It’s okay to spend your time at home just relaxing. Find something each day that brings you joy. Catch up on sleep. Binge watch that new show on Netflix. Ask your child to show you their favorite video game. Take care of yourself.



When this pandemic is over, restaurants are opened, shopping malls are ready for business, and attractions are allowing access, Mt. Vernon will be here ready for YOU! We can’t wait to greet you as you’re travelling through, coming to local events, or enjoying the summer at home. Until then, stay healthy and safe. We will celebrate the travelling season soon!